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Yashica McMorris - Life Coach, Career Coach & Motivational Speaker.

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Life coach in Greenville, SC | Career Coaching

A Whole New You Coaching Services, LLC offers life and career coaching to individuals, both young and mature, who are seeking the desire to change their personal and professional lives. There are numerous areas in your life where a coach can be beneficial such as preparing for college, a new career, life changes, and more.  

Not only will your coach help you by meeting and exceeding your goals; they can also help you increase your confidence, improve your self-esteem, and increase productivity.


Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began her renewal of life and learned how to fly

Sneak Peek of the book, "The Chair"

Imagine waking up expecting the same daily routine as usual. However, today is different. VERY DIFFERENT. As you are coming to your senses, you feel the cord tied tightly around your wrists and legs. Your memory slowly comes back to you. You suddenly realize that you are bound to a chair and no one knows where you are. Follow Author Yashica McMorris as she takes you to the exact moment when Alasia found herself tied to a chair and couldn't move. Feel the cords as Alasia tries to break free of them. See the fear in her eyes not knowing where her baby is. Hear the silence that drowns out her screams and cries as Alasia discovers that she is ALL ALONE."

"Never let an abuser confine you to a chair. Recognize the signs before it is too late" Yashica McMorris

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