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Chakra Diffuser Healing Bracelets

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Chakra bracelets help with healing, meditation, balance, and transformation, and protection. This bracelet comes with the 7 chakra stones and lava stones. This bracelet will help with keeping your chakras aligned and opened.

What are the 7 chakras?
Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown
This bracelet includes the 7 chakra beads and lava stones. These lava stones can absorb the essential oil of your choice.
Included is a free mini sample of essential oil. Choose from peppermint, lavender, and orange.
Chakra affirmations:
All my needs are always met.
I am equipped with all the tools I need to succeed.
Even when the world around me seems chaotic, I remain rooted firmly to the ground.
Everything I need comes to me at exactly the right place and time.
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