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Trust Yourself First

You may have a difficult time trusting yourself. Don’t despair. You are not alone. It is something that many people experience, and find difficult to overcome. When you lose trust in others, you start to lose trust in yourself. You can find yourself misdoubting and feeling like you make bad decisions. So let's talk about how to regain trust in yourself.

To help you overcome this problem, you need to focus on key aspects of trust. The first way to do that is to have faith in your accomplishments. If you pass off your accomplishments as not being that important, when you need to rely on them, they won’t be there for you. That is sure to interrupt the process of trusting yourself. Be happy and proud of them.

Trust your instincts. You won’t always be right, but you will be more often than not. An instinct is something you feel strongly about and does not come only from experiences. They come from something internal that no one can truly explain. It’s part of that inner voice that is telling you what to do. You need only listen. How many times have you said to yourself that you should have listened to your instincts? Or that you should have done what you thought in the first place? Your intuition is an internal guide. Get close to it.

Now this next one may be a little hard to swallow. You should rely on other people. Now I know that doesn't sound like the best plan for someone who has trust issues. But....if you open yourself up to letting others into your life, you will find you become more trusting of yourself. Whether you like it or not, you need other people. You can’t know everything there is to know about every thing. Using the strengths of others to supplement what you know will take the burden away from you having to do everything. That will help open the possibilities to put trust in yourself and in others. This is something that you may need to do in small segments or pieces. Find one person that you feel can help you in some area of your life and start there. Knowledge is power and if you have family/friends that can help you to grow in various areas based off their own experiences...that sounds like a win to me.

Make sure you start trying to filter out negative information. Throughout your life, you will get bombarded with this. It occurs every day in the news, at work, and in many cases, your home. The more you learn to focus on positivity in your life, the easier it will be to trust yourself. A good first step towards this goal is to avoid negative people. They can work so hard to try to bring you down if you let them. So learn how to set firm boundaries. This has been a tremendous life saver for me. When you have people coming at you from multiple directions and "dumping" on you it can get overwhelming.

And the most important note of all.....trusting yourself sometimes requires a leap of faith. Take some chances. While you want to be smart regarding the risks of your choices, you don’t want to overanalyze every decision you make. If you do, you will never make any decisions, and you will stagnate. It’s true that not everything will work out the way you plan. But, you will never know unless you try. The good news is when you are ready to try, many of your decisions will work for you.

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