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Motivational Speaker | Yashica McMorris

Yashica McMorris has over 10+ years of speaking experience. She has held lectures, presentations, and workshops on various topics for many different schools, colleges, churches, and organizations. As a motivational speaker, Yashica empowers and inspires individuals to “move their mountains”. She is a
versatile speaker that can develop any lecture, presentation, or workshop to fit you or your organization’s need.


Yashica speaks of her very own personal experiences dealing with domestic violence when she was in an abusive relationship. It is imperative for her to tell her story in hopes that it will help others and their families. Discussions include the “hidden” signs of domestic violence, how vital it is to have support form family/friends, and how to find resources available in your area.


Mental Illness is another topic that Yashica is very passionate about. She was diagnosed with PTSD after surviving the years in an abusive relationship. She has made it her personal responsibility to teach the world that being diagnosed with a mental illness does not mean you have to be defined by it. By addressing the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, Yashica is teaching individuals how to become mentally healthy one day at a time. She holds a Community Mental Health Awareness Event Annually.


Stayed tuned for Yashica's "A Whole New You" Podcast on Anchor.


Examples of Speaking Topics

  • Are you looking for someone to empower and inspire your students on setting goals for their futures?

  • Do your workers need to re-evaluate their work/life balances so they are not as stressed and can be more productive?

  • How do I improve my time-management skills?

  • Overcoming obstacles that are standing in your way.​

  • Transitions Within a Military Family

  • Domestic Violence

  • Mental Illness/Mental Health Awareness

Interested in booking Yashica to come speak to your group?
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